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Details of the Kathmandu to London tour, October-November 1979 by Nick Whetstone.

Part two - Lahore to Isfahan

Kathmandu to Lahore

Lahore to Isfahan

Isfahan to Istanbul

Istanbul to London

 Diary (click on thumbnails for enlargement)


November 8
Back on road by mid day and drive down to Multan where we camped at the Canal Rest House. Wet roads today and saw many accidents.
November 9
Drove south to Sukkur arriving early evening. Front tyre punctured during afternoon stint and we had to change it for the 'spare which was also faulty. Camped in grounds of Circuit Judges Rest House.
November 10
Not long after starting off we smelt burning rubber and found the tread lifting from the faulty spare tyre. Continued to Jawhabad but could not change money there and buy a new tyre so we continued until the faulty tyre disintegrated and replaced it with one off the offside rear double wheels. Continued on to reach Quetta in early evening. Temperature dropped from 44 centigrade (on the plains)to minus 20 in Quetta which is about a mile above sea level. Everybody had a cold and those without warm clothing went into town to get kitted out. Also had some clutch-slipping while climbing up through the Bolan Pass but it seemed to cure itself.

Unscheduled stop - click for enlargement
Unscheduled stop

November 11
Stopover day in Quetta while we get new tyres fitted on the bus. Also needed to get a repair done to the rear brakes which was easily accomplished by a small workshop in town which fabricated the necessary parts. We are advised by a man claiming to be the British Consul not to go into Iran as there are reports of westerners being attacked (this is days after the American Embassy has been attacked and hostages taken by Iranian students). We (all) decide to continue anyway.
November 12
Back on road heading east. Drove all day reaching Nukkundi at 18.15. Stopped for tea stops at Padaq and Dalbandin. Shared compound with passengers on a east-bound Budget Bus.

Two necessities for life, camels and firewood - click for enlargement
Two necessities for life, camels and firewood

November 13
Drive to Iranian border where we meet Top Deck and Sundowners vehicles also heading east. Iranian authorities were going to make us wait overnight but decided to change their minds when we held a 'sit-in'. Then the customs men decided they would not process us until the next day but fortunately, two Iranian policemen wanted a lift to Zahedan so we got through. Drove on to Zahedan where one of the policeman payed for us to fill up with diesel. Had something to eat and then drove until 9 pm when we reached the Marples Ridgeway road camp. Slept inside the mess hall as it was so cold.
November 14
Breakfasted at camp then on way again but not before a final favour from the camp staff- welding a broken exhaust bracket. Drove all day with breaks at Bam and Kerman. Stopped in the desert about 100 miles from Yazd and free camped. Well below freezing and difficult to sleep despite two sleeping bags and sleeping fully clothed.

Desert lighthouse - click for enlargement
Desert lighthouse

November 15
Very cold so Tim fits blinds to the radiator. Some of us run behind the bus for five minutes to get warm. Drove to Yazd for breakfast then on to Isfahan arriving at the Isfahan Inn (government campsite) in the evening. Did not experience any hostility (in town) although I went round with Bo who looked very Scandinavian and I let anyone who asked think that I was from Sweden as well.

Cure for M25 blues? - click for enlargement
Cure for M25 blues?

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