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The Anglo Australian Comfortable Coach Company - History, reunion and memorial site

Technical details

This site is designed to be user friendly. I have included a site menu on each page enabling users to go to any 'main 'page of the site without having to return to the 'home page'.

If you click on most of the pictures on this site, an enlarged copy of the picture will open in a separate window. When you move the mouse pointer over the picture, you will see a title for that picture and a reminder that an enlargement is available.

This site was written in HTML using a CSS style sheet. I wrote the code using 'Edit Pad Lite' a text editor similar to 'Notepad' but with extra facilities like search and replace. I validate and spell check my code using 'HTML Validator lite'. Both these utilities are free to use and I thank their creators for their kindness in saving me so much work .

The pictures were scanned (using an Epson Perfection 1250 scanner) from photographs which I took in 1979 and 'cleaned up' using Corel Photopaint.

I use 'CUTE FTP' to upload my pages to my web space which is kindly provided by TISCALI (Now TalkTalk). The site counter is kindly provided kindly provided by Digits.Com

My other web sites include Decibel Dungeon and my miscellaneous pictures pages.

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